My name is Sarah and I want to be the first to welcome you to my site.  November 30th, 2018 we became parents to a baby girl named, Charlee and she has changed my whole world for the better. My heart has never been filled with so much love and happiness and I know first hand how important it is to capture every fleeting moment with your babies.  Always a strong believer that you should get the most that you can out of life, my family has made me realize how significant it is to have visual reminders of the amazing moments in life with the ones you cherish.

Life’s precious moments, both big and small, should be celebrated. It gives me great joy to capture the raw emotions of the special moments in life, giving people way to remember the events that are the most important. Providing my clients with a tangible memory, my photography is designed to take you back to the feelings, memories, and emotions that only the tenderness of a picture can express. Capturing the significance of the moment, it is my greatest desire to bring you photographs that last a lifetime.

How Sarah Williams Portraits got started

I first discovered my passion for taking pictures during a summer abroad in Europe. While I was traveling in Italy, I could not put my camera down, realizing my passion and desire for photography. Blown away by the beauty of the city’s architecture, cuisine, culture, and people, I knew that, only through photography could I share the beauty of this city with others back home. Grateful for the chance to capture this trip, that was when I realized, others must feel the same. That everyone has life-altering experiences that they too wish to share with those they love.

From that point on, my passion for photography grew into something more than just taking pretty pictures on my adventures (although I still love doing that), and upon returning to the states, I immediately signed up for photography classes so that I could learn everything possible about taking the “perfect” picture.

My passion for life and photography helps me to tell the story of your adventure. I look forward to meeting you and helping you create timeless memories that last forever.